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We make large springs and springs made from special materials LARGE DIAMETERS AND SPECIAL MATERIALS...
Disc springs are available in very large diameters up to 1000mm OD.(40" O.D.). Special material, such as high nickel maraging steels for high temperatures on corrosive resistance applications, can be obtained. Our disc springs are used in special nuclear applications. Additional sophisticated disc springs have been designed and manufactured for the following:
  • Power generators
  • Turbines
  • Petrochemical pumps and valves
  • Sonar detection systems
  • Pipe support systems
  • Automatic actuators
  • and a variety of other engineering applications

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The proper use of disc springs as a modern design element permits substantial economies by size reduction and maximum utilization of energy and space.

Founded in 1966, Fan Disc Corporation was the first known U.S. firm to begin manufacture of a full program of standardized "DIN" disc springs made available from stock. We manufacture and stock the entire DIN range from 6mm OD through 260mm OD. We also make many special sizes to customer drawings and have made springs with OD to 40"(1000mm). Materials generally employed are C1075, SAE6150, Stainless 1717PH(AMRCO), Incone X718, and Monels. We use sophisticated computer programs for load and stress evaluation and performance prediction. The manufacture and application of disc springs is widely known and understood in Europe. Their use in North American engineering and manufacturing industry is increasing in popularity and acceptance. Originally, the disc spring was first patented by J. Belleville(France) over 100 years ago. In early 1930's the engineers(G.M.)Almen and Laszio developed the theory, manufacture and quality requirements in DIN 2092 and DIN 2093. These specs became accepted world wide as the first industrial standardization of disc springs. The standard has spread throughout Europe and is now widely employed by multi-national engineering companies. The Japanese developed their own version of this standard. No USA Industry standard has yet been written on disc springs. Many U.S. manufacturers accept the DIN as a guide to performance and quality standards.

Fan Disc Corporation manufactures a wide range of belleville and disc springs products in our modern, 100,000 square foot, fully equiped office and manufacturing facility, located adjacent to the Burbank Airport on a 100 acre industrial site.

Fan Disc is recognized as a leading design and application company in the field, and was selected by PD&D magazine for PRODUCT OF THE YEAR 2000. Fan Disc is ISO 9001:2008 certified.

Fan Disc Corporation is a unique group of highly experienced specialists, in the field of spring manufacturing, and mechanical engineering. Manufacturing and Engineering are the two strengths giving us the ability to develop advanced products for enhancing the effectiveness and reliability of your spring applications.

Mr. Frederic Kramer is an internationally known expert in the design and application of precision disc springs, having invented key improvements to belleville washers and has over 10,000 designs in the field, and is a Certified Manufacturing Engineer with a focus on management. A strong supporter of the SME, Mr Kramer is a graduate of Ohio University, Athens Ohio, with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering and is a frequent contributor at SME events and fund raisers, is a past President of the SME Chapter 27, and has been an International Director of the SME. He recently presented a paper "Belleville Spring Design" to the LA chapter of the SME.

Disc springs are precision belleville springs made of high carbon spring steel, alloy steel, stainless, and heat resisting steels and non-ferrous materials. Conical in shape and made to special geometrical relationships of OD,ID, thickness, and height, they are subject to exacting manufacturing and quality control standards. Material used are generally in annealed condition and hardened to range of RC44-51 depending on material thickness used. Load/deflection relationships are closely controlled. Disc springs are made of cold rolled strip, hot rolled sheet, or forgings of flat or conical shape. After the spring is formed by stamping, it may be machined at the inner and outer diameters or on all surfaces. Machining operations eliminate surface defects obtained in the blanking operation and increase spring life, particularly under dynamic or fatigue loading conditions. All disc sprngs are "preset". This is a controlled overstress of the spring so that it will not significantly relax under load when applied. Additionally, shot peening for surface consolidation may be employed. Accurate control of spring height and thickness is critical to predictable performance within close tolerances.

Disc springs are used singly or in stacks to achieve desired load and travel. In genral, they function best under conditions requiring very high load in confined space or short travel. Under these design constraints it is often not practical or even possible to use a coil spring.

A further advantage of disc springs results from the various characteristics performance due to height/thickness ratio employed. The curve of the spring is non-linear(as distinguished from normal coil springs, which are linear) and may be progressive, regressive, or even exhibit a constant load over a significant portion of its useful deflection.

Disc springs used in parallel stack arrangements may be useful as load damping devices. The friction of the surface generates heat and dissipates energy under load releases - a useful hysteresis affect under certain conditions.

When properly designed and used, disc springs have a long life, superior performance, and may result in sigificant cost reduction.

Typical disc spring applications are as follows:
  • Power transmission components such as clutches, brakes, transmissions, etc.
  • Valves, piping and drilling tools.
  • Screwed or bolted sections.
  • Bearing preload.
  • Hoists, cranes and heavy engineering applications.
  • Electrical switch gear and buss bars.

  • The unique engineering value aspect of disc springs is that of the most efficient space utilization with energy employed. As machines and vehicles get smaller due to engery cost reduction needs, the designer is obligated to consider the disc spring elements as the only practical solution to his problem in many cases.

    While disc springs may not always be used interchangeably with coil springs because of their relatively long travel aspect when they are considered at the inital stages of design, they may be employed to great economic advantage. Disc springs and coil springs are complimentary.

    Our products are broadly applicable: They improve the performance and reliability of all kinds of products. How can Fan Disc Corporation products improve your product? Here is a partial list:

    More Machine Uptime
    Can you afford down-time due to failure of a spring or washer? Why take a chance on low quality parts? Go with a vendor dedicated to higher reliability - FAN DISC CORP.

    Reduced Costs
    We optimize the design of springs through several strategies, including patented design techniques. By choosing a spring or washer that exactly matches your application, you save money. You could be wasting money working around an existing spring or washers deficiency. Talk to our staff about your needs. Let us quote your job!

    Consistent, High-Quality Results
    We have automated and fine-tuned our process, assuring that each spring or washer is made with the best possible parameters.

    ISO 9001
    We record machine events and errors, both improving operator awareness in real-time, and providing long-term quality. We are proud to offer products MADE IN THE USA.

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